Pastor Levi’s Single Subject Sermons

The Shoulders of Jesus 12-23-18 Incarnation 12-09-18 Grace Givers 12-2-18 The Purpose of the Christian Life 7-22-18 Letting It Go, 1-28-18 America, Land That I Love, 7-2-17 Praise Him, 6-4-17 Mary’s Memorial, 5-28-17 God Cares for You, 4-30-17 The Effects of Jesus’ Death, 4-9-17 The Name Jesus 12/25/2016, I’ll Just Thank God Anyhow 11/27/2016, How … More Pastor Levi’s Single Subject Sermons

Home Construction

Train Them Up –¬†Letting Them Go, Foundations of a Home, Problems in Paradise, Potential in Marriage, Conflicts at Home Part 1, Conflicts at Home Part 2, Who Says the Honeymoon has to End, Desperate Tentwives

A Treasure Chest of Knowledge

Jesus, A Towel Ministry, 2-14-16 Treasures for a Troubled Heart, Jesus’ Knowledge for peace, Jesus’ Knowledge for a Fruitful Life, Jesus’ Knowledge of the Heavenly Helper, Jesus’ Knowledge About Salvation, Jesus’ Secrets About our Security, 4-17-16 Jesus’ Knowledge About the Church, 4-24-16  

The Glory of God Series

3 Jan 2016 – The Glory of God – The Description, 24 Jan 2016 – The Glory of God – Our Purpose, 17 Jan 2016 – The Glory of God – Our Destiny, 7 Feb 2016 – The Glory of God – Worthy Is The Lamb,