Upcoming Events

Looking for ways to connect or just wanting to know what is happening here at Cody Bible Church? Well below you find all of our up coming events. For more information on any event please call the office at 307-527-4488. We are excited to see what God is going to be doing here at Cody … More Upcoming Events

Jesus the Son of God

Below you will find a audio version of this sermon series “Jesus the Son of God”. If you would like to watch the livestream of any of these sermons or our most current service please visit our Facebook page. “Jesus: A Cruel Crown”  John 19:1-7 03/14/2021 “Jesus: Handles our Fears” John 6:16-24 02/21/2021 “Jesus – … More Jesus the Son of God

Miracles Still Happen

“The Miracle of Conversion” Acts 9:1-22, 03-01-2020 “The Miracle of Christ” John 5:1-9, 02-23-2020 “The Miracle of Mission” Luke 5:1-11, 02-09-2020 “The Miracle of Courage” Mark 10:46-52, 02-02-2020 “You Can be Made Clean” 2 Kings 5:1-3, 9-15, 01-26-2020 “Miracle of Surrender” John 6:1-14, 01-12-2020 “Reaching the Bottom of the Barrel” 1 Kings 17:8-16,  12-29-2019

Worship: Let’s Discover It!

“Lifestyle of Thanksgiving” Luke 17:11-19, 11/24/19 “The Garment of Praise” Isaiah 61:1-3, Psalm 100 11/17/19 “The Power of Worship and Praise” 2 Chronicles 20:1-3, 30 11/10/19 “Mary the Worshiper” John 12:1-8 11/03/19 “Mary the Worshiper” John 12:1-8, 11/03/19 “The Father Is Seek True Worshipers” John 4:19-26, 10/27/19 “The Wonder Of Worship” Isaiah 6:1-8, 10/20/19


“Passing The Test Part 2” Pastor Kent Genesis 22:6-12 8/25/18 “Passing The Test Part 1” Pastor Kent Genesis 22:1-5 8/18/19 “God comes through – at last” Genesis 21:1-7, 14-21 08/11/19 “There is nothing too difficult for the LORD” Genesis 18:1-15 08/04/19 “When God Delays” Genesis 17, 07/28/19 “Going It Alone” Genesis 16, 07/21/19 “Faith in … More Life of Abraham “THE LORD WILL PROVIDE”