Guest Speakers

“What’s the Plan” Guest Speaker John Craft from RMCN 9/04/2022

“Christ’s Heart for Every Believer” Guest Speaker Dave Limmer 7/17/2022

“Working for God” -Missionary Bob McQueary 7/3/2022

“Reasons to Rejoice” Missionary Brandon Fischer 5/29/2022

“Experiencing Freedom In Christ” Pastor Derek 5/22/2022

“The Gospel for Mama’s and You” Guest Speaker Justin Vold 5/8/2022

Gideon Presentation 4/24/2022

“Forgiveness is God’s Plan” Pastor Derek 4/3/2022

“Christ’s Invitation for Weary Souls” Pastor Derek 5/27/2022

“Ministers of Reconciliation” Pastor Derek 5/6/2022

“Living in the Kingdom of God” Guest Speaker Bill Bogardus 1/16/2022

“What are you waiting for” Adam Shaffer 1/9/2022

“Time to Build” Guest Speaker Dave Limmer 1/2/2022

“In Christ – Living from the Cross” Guest Speaker Dave Limmer 11/14/2021

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