New Adult Sunday School Classes!

Starting Sunday September 13th we will be kicking off Sunday School for 4yrs old through Adults! While also having the nursery. So bring your kids and join us for Sunday School as we start on September 13th at 9:45am! Below you will find information about our adult Sunday School Classes

Room: 203
Bring light – not heat – to divisive issues! Helping you talk openly and respectfully about today’s challenging topics, Chip Ingram reveals and calls into question presuppositions on both sides. This is a video series that will start September 13th at 9:45am

Rubbing Elbows With Royalty SS
In Room 201, We will be having a class called “Rubbing Elbows with Royalty” taught by Pastor Levi. Come and discover the Kings that ruled Israel as you go through the book of 1 Samuel. Join us Starting September 13th and the following Sundays at 9:45am!