Pastor Levi’s Single Subject Sermons

“Don’t Panic, Trust God” Philippians 4:1-7, 03-15-2020

The Shoulders of Jesus 12-23-18

Incarnation 12-09-18

Grace Givers 12-2-18

The Purpose of the Christian Life 7-22-18

Letting It Go, 1-28-18

America, Land That I Love, 7-2-17

Praise Him, 6-4-17

Mary’s Memorial, 5-28-17

God Cares for You, 4-30-17

The Effects of Jesus’ Death, 4-9-17

The Name Jesus 12/25/2016,

I’ll Just Thank God Anyhow 11/27/2016,

How You Can Have a Maximum Impact as a Christian Citizen 10/30/2016,

America, The Land of the Free 7/3/2016,

The Effects of Jesus’ Death 4/9/17