Student Ministry Sign Up!

Starting  September 4th we will be kicking off our student ministry program. This program is for any child between 4yrs old and 12th Grade. We meet every Wednesday from September 4th till April 22nd, from 6pm to 8pm excluding major holidays. We break it down the ages into three different groups. For 4yrs old – 6yrs old we have Gopher Buddies. For children who are 1st Grade – 5th Grade  we have Olympians and finally we have Illuminate for anyone who is 6th Grade – 12 Grade. Each group is set up for their particular age/grade for them to get the most out of the biblical teaching, songs, and games. and the best part is that they all meet on one night! So come and join us this September through April for some songs, fun, and biblical teaching. If you have any questions please contact the office.

Sign up your student by clicking HERE

student ministry slide 2

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