“Good News of Great Joy . . . For All The People” From the Book of Luke

Lessons From The Resurrection (Pastor Kent), 4-8-18

Jesus, The One Who Saves, 3-25-18

Jesus, The Innocent One, 3-18-18

Jesus, One Who Serves, 3-11-18

The Passover Plot and The Lord’s Supper, 3-4-18

Day One of Jesus’ Final Week, 2-25-18

Light for Sign Seekers, 2-11-18

The Sermon on the Mount, 2-4-18

Jesus, Greater Than Solomon, 1-14-18

Two Kingdoms, 1-7-18

Lord, Teach Us to Pray, 12-31-17

Bethlehem, House of Bread, 12-10-17

Lord, Teach Us to Pray, 10-29-17

One Thing Is Needful, 10-22-17

Like a Good Neighbor, 10-15-17

The Trinity Rejoicing, 10-8-17

Lord, Let Me First . ., 10-1-17

Expectations, 9-24-17

An Orderly Account, 8-21-16,

The Other Miraculous Birth, 8-28-16,

The Virgin Birth of God’s Son Announced, 9-4-16,

Christmas Songs With Mary and Elizabeth, 9-11-16,

Blessed Be the Lord God of Israel, 9-18-16,

Are You Sure This Is God’s Will?, 9-25-16,

Christ Transfigured, 9-17-17

Sending the Twelve, 7-23-17

Jesus, The Ultimate Healer, 7-16-17

Hopeless – Never!, 7-9-17

The Day Demons Performed a Swine Dive, 6-25-17

The Perfect Storm Calmer, 6-18-17

Soils, Seed, Satan and Hearts, 6-11-17


A Divine Birth Announcement – An Unlikely Audience, 10-2-16,

Pew Prophets, 10-9-16,

Jesus Grew, 10-16-16,

The Message of John the Baptist, 10-23-17,

Lead Us Not Into Temptation, 11-13-16,

Jesus’ Rejection, 11-20-16,

The Great Physician, 12-4-16,

Fishing for Fish or Men?, 12-11-16,

Reaching Out With Jesus, 1-1-17,

Why Jesus Came, 1-15-17,

Celebrating Garments and Wineskins, 1-27-17,

Trust God, 2-19-17,

Why Are the Scribes and Pharisees Filled With Rage, 2-26-17,

The Sermon on the Plains, 3-5-17,

Love Your Enemies, 3-12-17,

Love the Hurting, 3-19-17,

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, 3-26-17,

A Dinner With a Sinner, 4-2-17,